3 Reasons to Choose Invisible Braces

Why choose invisible braces over traditional metal ones? Check out these 3 compelling reasons why you’ll be delighted with clear braces:

Invisible braces are… well, invisible!

The last thing adults want is people staring at their metal braces while they’re talking.

In daily conversation, it’s normal to make eye contact and this helps create a closer connection with the person we’re talking to.

When people wear metal braces, however, the eye of the person you’re talking to is naturally drawn to your teeth because we are naturally curious about something out of the ordinary and want to know what it is. Having others stealing glances at your mouth when talking to you tends to break the connection we have and makes us feel self-conscious.

This is an important reason for the popularity of clear braces – they’re so discreet that the vast majority of people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

Take a look at these pictures of someone wearing Invisalign and you’ll see just how discreet the clear aligners are:


Clear aligners are removable

One of the biggest issues people complain about with traditional fixed braces is that they often can’t be removed…

This means that you have to wear them while eating and food often gets trapped in the metal. You also need to be careful what you eat as not all foods work well with braces…

And we don’t know about you but cleaning food particles from between wires – or worrying that there are food particles there for all to see – aren’t at the top of our list of favourite things!

With Invisalign, you’ll be able to remove the aligners when you eat and drink, so you can eat whatever you like and not have to worry about trapping food between your teeth or the aligners.

And on the romantic front, a lot of adults and teenagers feel self-conscious when wearing braces and about to share a kiss with a partner… But with Invisalign, that’s something you won’t need to worry about because it’s OK to take your aligners out for a few hours each day.

Clear braces are increasingly affordable

A lot of people are put off getting their teeth straightened because of the large up-front fee many dentists charge…

But did you know you can get your invisible aligner treatment on a finance plan that will enable you to spread the cost out over a period that’s convenient for you with zero interest?

Not only that, you won’t even need to pay a deposit.

If you’re interested in financing your treatment or have any questions, please contact us for more information.

Interested in finding out more?

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We’ll also show you what your projected results will look like after you’ve completed treatment – so you’ll have a clear (ahem!) idea of what you’ll look like with straight teeth.

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